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MISTERION – Experiencing the Mysteries of the Waters

The Misterion project is aimed at preserving and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the cross-border area and presenting the common mysteries of the karstic world and caves, magnificent nature, and a varied cultural landscape, which the regions of the cross-border area have shared for millennia.


Within the framework of the project, we tied together and increased the lure of the unique heritage that starts in Semič, meanders along rivers Krupa, Lahinja, and Kolpa all the way to Metlika and Kamanje in Croatia. This new cross-border tourism product enables visitors to experience the mysteries of subterranean waters in a different way.


Thusly innovatively presented heritage thereby invites visitors to:

  •   The renovated Museum House Semič,
  •   the Nature Centre of Bela krajina in Semič,
  •   the Karstic Educational Trail from Lebica to Krupa and the built footbridge across Krupa in the Municipality of Semič,
  •   the archaeological Park of Vrlovka in Kamanje, which is operated by the newly established company Misterion Riviera d.o.o.,
  •   the Obrh Educational Trail in Metlika,
  •   the visitor meeting point at Zdenc-Vidovec in Božakovo in the Municpality of Metlika,


This project is a continuation of a longstanding developmental collaboration and partnership of Slovenian and Croatian communities alongside River Kolpa.


Project partners: Municipality of Semič, Municipality of Kamanje, Municipality of  Metlika, Local Action Group Vallis Colapis, and Kompas Novo mesto d.o.o.


The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG EUROPE cooperation programme V-A Slovenia – Croatia 2014-2020.


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Kompas Novo mesto d.o.o.

Lokalna akcijska grupa Vallis Colapsis

Občina Metlika

Općina Kamanje

Občina Semič

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